Tuition is $135 per month for 1 half hour lesson per week.

Tuition is $270 per month for a 1 hour lesson per week

Trial lessons can be purchased at the rate of $35 per half hour.

All tuition will be due the 1st of every month and will be collected via auto pay on the last day of the prior month (Example tuition due 1/1 will be billed 12/31. Due 2/1will be billed 1/31

Enrolled students at The Band Shoppe will receive a 10% discount on all accessories, repairs, maintenance and maintenance packages.

Lessons will be offered at our Sykesville location Monday-Friday 3pm – 8pm & Saturdays from 9am – 5pm.

Lessons will be scheduled and start on the hour and half hour. (i.e 3:00-3:30 or 3:30-4:30)

Additional information about our lessons program can be found on our policies page, or by clicking the button below.

Group Lessons At The Band Shoppe

Baby/Toddler Class

Returning for the winter is our popular Music with Julia Baby/Toddler group course! This baby and toddler music class is designed to introduce your child to listening, moving, feeling, singing, chanting and participating in music. This class uses Gordon’s Music Learning Theory, this teaching style asserts that we learn music the way children can learn language; first by listening, then by copying and later by creating. Students will sing, chant and move to a variety of songs in several tonalities and time signatures. 

The goal of the class is two-fold: to develop an ear for rhythm and pitch in the children and to teach a number of fun songs and dances to the parents so that they can play and sing them at home.  Each class will contain repeated songs and chants to help the children and parents learn them – plus new activities to keep it interesting. 

The class consists of 30 minutes of formal music play, with an additional 10-15 minutes at the end for the kids to experiment and play with a variety of instruments on their own.  Parents should come prepared to participate and show your child how FUN music can be! This class is a weekly class for 6 weeks. Tuition is $150 per student. We also offer an additional sibling discount program. The first child’s tuition is $150 and each additional sibling in the class will have a reduced tuition of $110.

Signups can be done over the phone or in person. Give us a call today at 410-617-0584 for further information!

Everyone loves a good discount, and there are several options here at The Band Shoppe. Below you’ll find pricing on our multiple month discount options. This program allows students to take advantage for prepaying for multiple months in advance, these discounts are also extended to families with multiple musicians enrolled in lessons. For example if you have 3 students enrolled in lessons awesome! You will automatically get the 3 month discount program every month! Want to commit yourself to a year long goal of learning ? Awesome, you’ll save 7% off your tuition for the year. But what if you take 1 hour long lessons? Not a problem. We will gladly extend those same discounted rates to your tuition. (6 months of 1/2 hour lessons = 3 Months of 1 hour lessons at a 5% discount! )

Multiple Month DiscountLesson LengthPre Paid Total
3 Months 3% Discount1/2 Hour Lessons$393
6 Months 5% Discount1/2 Hour Lessons $770
12 Months 7% Discount1/2 Hour Lessons$1507