We all want to know what we are getting into when it comes to repairs and maintenance. To provide you with the most accurate estimate we must have the instrument in person to provide you an estimate.  Written detailed estimates are $30,  However if you choose to move forward with your service or repair, that fee be waived or if paid, it will be credited towards your invoice. Estimates can only be provided upon an in-person inspection. We can not provide any estimate over the phone or via email without seeing the instrument in person first. For your reference, connivence and our goal of always being transparent, we have a list of the most common services and their starting rates in our shop. 2020 Service & Repair Starting Prices

We all know repairs ands servicing can be expensive. However with financing made simple through PayPal, you can spread out your musical repair & service expenses to better fit your budget! Click the link below to apply and for more information and their terms & conditions.