S.E.Shires Bb Trumpet TRQ10RS 2019 Silver Plated Finish

S.E.Shires Bb Trumpet TRQ10RS 2019 Silver Plated Finish


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S.E.Shires Bb Trumpet TRQ10RS

Shires Bb Trumpet TRQ10RSA unique variation on the TRQ10S, the Model Q10RS trumpet features a reverse leadpipe to further facilitate response and cushion the blow. This trumpet produces a warm, singing sound with marvelous projection and easy, centered response in all registers. The Q10 bell also helps to maintain its characteristic warmth and focus at louder dynamics, while providing a more veiled sound at lower dynamics. The Q05R reverse leadpipe provides an ideal combination of efficiency and flexibility, allowing the player to produce the most delicate passages with ease. Nickel-silver balusters and valve caps add brilliance and character to the sound, increase its core, and contribute to cleanness and immediacy of attack. This trumpet makes a great choice as an all-around instrument for performance in a wide variety of musical settings.

  • Key: B♭
  • Bore: .459 inch
  • Q10 bell: 4 13/16-inch, one-piece, hand-hammered “Q” (centered) taper in yellow brass with round brass bead
  • QR reverse leadpipe: .345-inch venturi, heavyweight yellow brass; open and free blowing with well-defined slots and easy response
  • QWR tuning slide
  • Piston material: hand-lapped monel
  • Valve cluster: two-piece casings, standard weight, with nickel balusters
  • Top valve caps: Nickel Silver
  • Lower valve caps: Nickel Silver
  • Bell engraving: S.E. Shires makers mark, model designation, and traditional floral pattern
  • Finish: silver plate
  • Includes Q Series trumpet case, mouthpiece, and care kit

UPC: 00846940041815

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Weight 15 lbs
Dimensions 23 × 9 × 12 in


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